Case Studies

Replacing Old Veneers

This patient had composite resin veneers which were 7 years old. They have had a tough life and are fairly worn and discoloured.

All On 4 Case

To simulate the intended length of the end result, Dr Jamal decided to make a set of removable resin teeth for the patient.

Upper and Lower All on 4 Implant

This patient is a very busy business executive. He works in the cosmetic industry and years of smoking and neglect had taken their toll on his teeth.

Half all on 4

- This patient presented with his bridge that had broken off.

Replacing Baby Tooth

- This patient had a baby tooth that has never fallen out

Immediate Crown

Follow the process as Dr Jamal places a crown in an emergency dental procedure in his Gold Coast dental practice.

Sinus Lift

Quite often, patients come to see us several years after losing a back tooth, by which time a lot of resorption has occurred.

Man vs Jetski

- First Xray after the Jetski accident.

Replacing Old Crowns #2

This patient came to see us when she was unhappy with her old crowns. Over time the grey metal underneath the porcelain had become unsightly and was making her uncomfortable.

Turning Small Teeth Into a Bigger Smile

This patient was uncomfortable with his smile and felt his teeth were too small. In short, he wanted a bigger, whiter smile.