Case Studies

Replacing Old Veneers

This patient had composite resin veneers which were 7 years old. They have had a tough life and are fairly worn and discoloured.

Turning Small Teeth Into a Bigger Smile

This patient was uncomfortable with his smile and felt his teeth were too small. In short, he wanted a bigger, whiter smile.

Decayed Baby Tooth

This patient had a retained baby tooth which was badly decayed and needed to be removed.

Crowding and Chipped Teeth

This patient was concerned about the appearance of his front teeth, specifically the mild crowding and chipped teeth.

Replacing a Temporary Crown

We saw this patient a few weeks ago and placed a temporary crown on her mini implant while she waited for her permanent crown to be made.

Missing Back Teeth

This is why as dentists we encourage people to save or replace missing back teeth. Years of missing back teeth has resulted in a massive amount of wear on this...

Wear On Front Teeth

The patient came to us with severe wear on his front teeth, which he was quite self conscious about.

Unevenly Worn Teeth

This patient’s teeth were worn unevenly causing the front teeth to appear larger than the back teeth.

Cracked Veneer on Front Tooth

This patient was initially concerned about a cracked veneer on her front tooth and didn't have confidence in her smile. After consultation, we gave her two options:

Smoking Stains

The patient flew in from canberra on Thursday for a consult to discuss her heavily stained teeth from smoking and fluorosis.

Missing Front Teeth

The patient lost her front teeth in a car accident.  After the accident she had put up with an unsightly removable partial denture as she could not afford regular implants...