Man vs Jetski

Man vs Jetski
Man vs Jetski

Man vs Jetski

01 xray2- First Xray after the Jetski accident.

02 broken consult- Front teeth broken at gum level.

- The 3 lower incisors completely knocked out.

03 extract xray- We then extracted the broken teeth 

04 temp bridge- Bonded a temporary bridge to the adjacent teeth 

05 6weeks healing xray- After 6 weeks of healing we placed the upper and lower implants 

07 3months implant replacement- 3 months after implant placement time to make temporary crowns 

08 implants uncovered- The implants are uncovered and impression copings attached

09 lab pours model- Our lab then pours up the model

10 temp crowns- Makes the temporary crowns

11 temp crowns

12 implants via screws- The temporary crowns are then attached to the implants via screws

13 temp crowns- The temporary crowns are left in place for 3-4 months and used to shape gums for a more natural emergence profile for a better result. 

14 final crowns- 3 months after the temporary crowns were inserted the final crowns were made.

15 end result- The END RESULT!!!